Hello halloween is next month, in the spirit of ghostly witchy toys , booooo! These lovely vintage toys are sure to start of halloween vintage style! The 3 plastic orange witches are candy holders, very collectible! Next up , . tin noise makers one with pumpkins and the other with black cats and owls, the […]

I found This Wooden Box  at Ikea. In the clearance Section for $9.00! yes, in the  CLEARANCE SECTION, it was a bookcase missing the Shelves! LOOK AT PICTURE, YOU CAN SEE THE HOLES where shelves were screwed in place. missing shelves? equals savings for me and DIY project READY TO be started!! I WILL MENTION- this bookshelf […]

1st purse is a white beaded purse. From early 1900’s  it’s made of tiny white beads and faux- pearl stones to make the flower pattern on front of purse, the handles and closures are made of metal. Well made and in excellent condition no strings are coming undone or pearls missing, its perfect!! The next picture-Metal mesh […]

FOR fellow beaders or jewelry lovers..here is a easy way to bead or travel with jewelry!! USE A STRAW!! IF you travel , using straws will help keep your necklaces from getting tangled in suitcase or make up bag, you can cut to customize size for bracelets or necklaces!! Also when beading or fixing a clasp this […]

to save market bags ?? use a wipe dispenser! Genius!!! now you wont have plastic bags all over the place, neatly stick in wipe dispenser!! you can use lysol wipe dispensers or baby wipe dispensers…re-use and smart also because you will save money and be neat! On the inside of any cabinet or drawer, or door, or […]

the first pic shows thepiece nesting tables, I don’t know If I will stack them? keep them together or separate? If I stack them I will have to trim off  inches from the legs, I saw an example on a DIY magazine..I dont know yet… so far this year I have had 2 lucky finds at PCC […]

a while back i posted vintage barbie art from thrift store ..i found another one!!! here you go enjoy!! bubble cut barbie wearing nautical shirt and blue shorts, cute!

I found this nice gold toned Purse coat Hook at Goodwill for .50 cents, it was on sale(50% off ) and love that color of the day sale, always ask when you go to goodwill what is “color of the day” depending on the color, look at the tags and they are 50% off, the […]

before picture – hello this was one of my easiest cheapest DIY projects, took me 10 mins…and cost me less than 2.00!! i went to goodwill and purchased this key holder frame for 1.00 it was 50% off that day, (look for the color of the day sale) and this becomes a more personalized purse/coat […]

porcelain kewpie with heart on front side on tummy, this kewpie is stringed at arms and legs making him poseable 🙂 but i keep him in a comfy box, i don’t want him to break, this one is one of my favorites:) the smaller kewpie with black jacket is celluloid, plastic family…. and very tiny and hollow, very fragile, the clothes and […]

hello these antique babytoys were the teethers and noisemakers babies in the 1930 and 1940s were given by their moms! amazingly one of these goes for $95 and To me they have more value because they have been in my family since 1930’s. I’m the proud owner now, and I wanted to share them with everyone…I […]

hEllo Kitty vintage wood frame $1.95- in pretty purple  this Vintage hello kitty is a rare version of the sanrio character.  Kelly my 8yr old LOVES HELLO KITTY, and purple is her fav color, this $1.95 buy from thrift store, is smart choice. TIP: To hang on wall use ribbons or lace, it’s a soft GIRLY  touch, ,,,  RE-USE, RE-INVENT, RE-PURPOSE, […]

Hello how is everyone this Sunday? Wow this month is almost over…and our girls will be returning to school sometime in August. I wanted to talk about our daughters getting good tips and advice! I recommend American Girl – $105 to 115 Reason: This company appeals to age range girls between 7 to maybe 10 or […]

hello fellow vintage ladies! or fellas! here is a vintage paperdoll couple i found on google 🙂 love her outfits, the green coat and pink ruffle dress are beautiful, auw I wish I had those pieces in my closet!!! lol This is perfect for framing!! or scrapbooking! todays DIY PROJECT is a quick print, cut, glue, […]

Hawaiian Fun Skipper from 1991 with the large doe eyes that were popular in the late ’80s and early ’90s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Hello everyone I found boxed barbies and skipper outfits  all for an excellent deal at my local thrift store. Skipper is a favorite of many including myself! here are 2 outfits from […]

Hello I wanted to do a quick post to go over the words or lingo that flea markets regulars use!! this can also be used for garage sales, yard sales.. “vintage” Anything Older than you, lol Seriously something 2 yrs ago can be considered vintage!! with that said, vintage doesn’t exactly mean good or expensive, people […]

I went to home depot and in the paint section they have returned paint for .cents!!!! i got the mint green paint and painted my chair TOTAL COST $5.50!! THE Chair was $5.00 and returned paint was .50 cents! I grabbed my foam roller and paint brush for smaller sections of chair and started to paint! simple […]

  blue vintage pyrex fridge dish for $3.00!!   Flea market finds; June 2012…..my purchases were overall exciting finds.. caged metal flower frogs! lovely finds, these are versatile, they can be picture holders, name card place holders for dinners, meetings, etc… brush holders, pencil holders, tool holders, so many uses! and have the vintage retro vibe […]

compact – estee lauder powder- small travel or clutch size- adorable! gold toned case- mirror and pocket watch lookpicture below= left to right max factor lipstick, Estee Lauder powder, Elizabeth Arden containerhello Ladies I am back with more tiny treasures and these are sure to catch your attention!  imagine a night out on the town with a fancy beaded dress or evening […]

mickey made of porcelain , kewpie below,  girl in blue is a avon perfume bottle, precious moments baby with pacifier and big eyes 🙂  so beautiful! she is porcelain stringed and rooted hair. I love little dolls they are mini works of art! kewpie dish..porcelain and numbered..signed by rose o’neil.ginny’s umbrella this is a rare find, i never have […]

Salvation Army- $4 frozen charlotte made of bisque and plastic boy doll for doll house My thrift store shopping in June didn’t disappoint! I was able to find cheap, quality , vintage, new with tags, and much more.. Out of the closet find- This store had so many cool things it was hard to walk away!!  […]

♥Rosebowl in Pasadena, Ca what: Flea Market when: 2nd sunday of each month why: Tons and Tons of Vendors and So much Too look at from Home decorations, outdoor patio furniture, Vintage jewelry, retro rock tees and so much more! TIPS THAT WILL HELP YOU HAVE AN ENJOYABLE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE! 🙂 * BRING YOUR OWN DRINKS! […]

Hello Fellow Thrift Store hunters!! Vintage Sewing Table I found at a Salvation Army for $15 dollars    BEFORE PICTURE   Before you start any painting project make sure you have a well ventilated area please!! Protect carpet or floors with plastic or  newspapers work great as well I like to go to home depot and find […]

Hello Good Morning Happy Thursday! Wow this week is flying by, I love it…this means closer to the weekend and I LOVE weekends! Flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores….aaaahhh need i say more?! The word Pyrex brings a smile to my face 🙂 If you know Good Quality and You enjoy the vintage graphics, 60’s 70’s […]

This sitting Kewpie was a find from PCC in the beginning of year, she is a different type of kewpie we are used to seeing but she still very cute…  Dolls from Earlier this year….           70’S Kewpie figurines they are marked norcrest japan and very sentimental side of kewpie with tears, makes you […]

Recently I went to local thrift store and found 2 VINTAGE (1970’S)  VOGUE DOLLS!!   The markings on 1st Doll –  Her head is marked “GINNY” & Upper back part of doll is also marked-  “VOGUE DOLLS 1972 MADE IN HONG KONG 3″ 2nd Doll I found at same store brings a magic lamp on the middle part of her back, […]

Last Chalk board Post I showed my TV dinner tray transformed into a traveling Chalkboard! Since i have been using this tray daily! I take notes, or leave messages or quick Designs I have in mind or ideas, Because If your like me writting ideas down in the moment is the best way to actually come back […]

hello how is everyone’s weekend? found any good and unique  vintage items? or antiques??? all you pickers and collectors….what have you found? isnt it exciting? I sure do get a thrill out of finding my one of a kind things… then fixing them or cleaning them, and giving them that second chance to shine:) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! loooooove […]

Hello Dearest vintage readers!! Happy Friday!! Well to get us inspired for this weekends treasure hunt at thrift shops, garage sales or flea markets, wherever it is you choose to go………..this is one of my vintage dollhouses, I love this dollhouse it is my favorite at the moment, I love the bright colors and beautiful retro floors […]

Lovely Miniature Doll house Furniture are works of art! Some of the vintage or Antiques I have found are so tiny yet they are perfect, they have every tiny detail!! Victorian Doll houses are one of my favorite items to collect, they are full of detail, unique,  Victorian woman were so e Victorian furniture Velvet collection   […]

Vintage and Antiques collectibles can be found in these 4 lovely places 🙂 this post will be about 3 flea markets that are held once a month and 1 that you can catch every sunday.. items you will find: 2nd hand or As I prefer Previously loved items, reason to go: unique one of a kind items, […]

Hello Vintage Ladies! April Thrift Shopping in Southern California My favorite thrift stores are the small ma and pa shops, they usually have the best prices. This Post I will show you Beaded Purses, Brush and Hand held Mirror.  I found my previously loved items in a thrift store shop in Reseda, CA. Shopping In these […]

Last Month for arts and crafts time, I started a project for re-using containers , cottage cheese containers!! Yes these lovely little bins are so easy to decorate and I always have them on hand, I love cottage cheese lol I decided to never throw them away and find tons of uses for them. I […]

Today I want to show you a new paint on the market CHALK BOARD PAINT! DIY  arts and crafts will forever be changed thanks to its best new tool! Chalk Board paint – This awesome chalk board paint can transform a boring wall into a castle! Tic TaCToe and other fun games will be easy and fun just […]

hello I wanted to share some quick tips to put to use TODAY!   O.K. HERE WE GO 7 TIPS FOR YOU AS A MOTHER/PARENT to give your child a better chance of behaving! 1) Allow your child to play near you when your cleaning and doing your daily house chores, for example If im cleaning […]

Hello Barbie doll fans and collectors 🙂 The markings on Barbie’s butt are from her patent year!!  not the year that Barbie was made!! Some Barbies will have 1966 marking on lower area, rear end, but that means her patent was from that date. The proper way of knowing when your barbie was made would be the […]

Paper Doll From Ladies Home Journal, c.1909 Betty Bonnet Paper-Doll  (scroll down for 2 dresses)   From Ladies Home Journal, a Betty Bonnet Paper Doll, c. 1909 Paper Doll – 1) Click on doll and in new window edit size if need to. 2) Print doll and make sure to resize Dress as well. Related articles Paper […]

anti aging  Mask Recipes- AT HOME RECIPES you can make with ingredients found in your fridge or pantry! 1)Yogurt Recipe:  for sensitive skin about a teaspoon of plain yogurt, 1 strawberry or 3 capsules of vitamin E (only gel not cover) mix well and apply leave on 15 minutes, and rinse off 2) next Yogurt Recipe:) all skin […]

For day spf 15 and antioxidants wear sunscreen SPF15  at least!! SPF 30 if you are at the pool, beach, outdoor activity, outdoor job. You can wear makeup that offers SPF in it, perfect because you will take care of  sun protection and cover up any imperfections at same time. 2 ways to get antioxidants – […]

Hello Vintage Ladies! Good morning and It’s Monday!! I want to start the week by sharing this article …from 1958 its a guide to carrying a bag!! I love reading anything that teaches etiquette and of course you will need to adapt to modern times!! lol but its a good read…enjoy! CARRYING A HANDBAG from Nancy Taylor’s Beauty […]

  Magazine or Book idea   created by  Miss. Kelly Funes 8yr old Kelly my beautiful daughter is in the process of creating her barbie book or magazine and i will show her frames and creative process, Today she shares her barbies posing and different barbie outfits, friends and scenes. This is her mind and creativity process, im amazed 🙂   […]

Hello Vintage Ladies ♥ Today I have these amazing finds They are Thrift Store Treasure hunts from Jan, Feb, March 2012. This GLAMOUR GIRL vintage box  okay this box has mirrors on each side and lined with black velvety fabric, it has a beautiful sexy lady with red flower and blonde hair, it looks like a […]

Hello how is everyone? Ready for Arts and Crafts?? I am!! Here is a quick and easy way to personalize containers that you can find in refrigrator!! Quick Craft and great for storage CLEAN, PAINT, SEAL AND DONE! …easy to paint and re-use as anything u like maybe for beads, for Pocket change, for paper clips, […]

If you have love for dolls and truly enjoy learning about dolls then THE TRUE winnings isn’t money .. The WINNINGS are the good times you will have when you play dress up with your child, or when you collect or show off your collection/displays to family friends, even here on blogs, that’s the true collector someone who enjoys […]

Collectible Dolls- BARBIE, MADAME ALEXANDER, GINNY Barbie dolls– A favorite of collectors of all range of ages, from the rookie 5 yr old collectors to the closet collectors (teens) to the stay at home moms that couldnt afford dolls and now as adults find joy in childhood dolls a reality! (me)   Barbie dolls are […]

  kewpie mania continues….cant help myself !!♥ these kewpies are available for purchase. I try to offer different items on my ebay page, If you dont see the Kewpies simply email and will post if it’s  still available.  To the Right Creator Of Kewpies Rose O’Neil A brief History of Kewpie Creator: Rose O’neil publication: Ladies Home Journal […]

These toys are from the 1960’s Markings- Hong Kong     They have wooden Wheels, Body made of wood as well. They are Lady, Tramp, Goofy, Pluto and Mickey Mouse These will go up on Ebay this week.

moving??? or spending a weekend far from home? well pack your jewelry easier with this quick tip.. okay here you go………… USE A STRAW!! ISNT THAT SO EASY? YES IF NECKLACE IS THIN LIKE STRAW..THEN PUT NECKLACE THROUGH STRAW …AND VOILA !!! NEAT, ORGANIZED, on the move ….IF YOU WANT TO GET FANCY..USE ANY SIMILAR […]

Today I went to Walmart and I was LOST in the beauty Isle:(   I was lost and confused….all the products and all the different options and all the promises and all the price differences…WOW in my 30’s I find myself feeling overwhelmed and I have no choice but to do more research!! I will never […]

vintage valentine’s day cards- these  darling images are perfect for your vintage sweetie:) print cut and get creative…add these to colorful thick or glossy paper…just cut cards out and glue on another piece of paper..add glitter in the form of a heart♥ if  made with love these are perfect HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY  XOXO

  Antique dolls vs. new dolls:   Some antique dolls cost less than or about the same as contemporary  dolls, or more popular in-demand collectibles.       Go over the hairstyle, stitching, and facial expressions.   Some dolls have lovely, carefully painted faces.   Damage: Imperfections such as cracks or holes may lower Price.   If you […]

    You will need to know what your doll is made out of, this will give you a better guide to choosing your doll.  The type of material you enjoy the most should be considered…and what looks best in your home,  is it for display or play or for personal or for a child. […]

  Pulling hair to tight into ponytail is very common, and when we do this we promote hair loss … and an easy way to stop this is too loosely put hair in ponytail, use ponytail holders without metals. Sleeping with hair tied back is another common mistake….dont do this! again this promotes early hair loss… and its uncomfortable […]

  Flush cutters and super flush cutters: Flush cutters are used for cutting wire. Use to cut flat ends or angled ends on your wire. To cut a flat end, insert the wire into the cutters through the flat side. To get an angled cut on your wire, insert the wire through the concave side of […]

Doll Terms or Words you need to learn before shopping this weekend!!  love dolls??? I DO!  Collectible Dolls: Common Terms or YARD SALE LINGO FOR DOLL BUYERS AND COLLECTORS When buying collectible dolls, be sure YOU GOT THESE down!! Antique dolls: Antique dolls were made prior to 1930.    Collectible dolls: Any doll that you can collect […]

Barbie Sings! This came from a salvation army floor!! yes on the floor!! i will put it in a frame! Love these vintage mattel photos. DIY weekend its simple, print and frame. Cheap, fast yet beautiful add for your wall!

Maze-ing Maze 213.

♥What does the word haggling mean? According to an online dictionary this is what it means.. ↓ http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/haggle hag·gle ) 1.to bargain in a petty, quibbling, and often contentious manner: 2.to wrangle, dispute, or cavil: verb (used with object) 3.to mangle in cutting; hack. 4.to settle on by haggling. 5.Archaic . to harass with wrangling or haggling I […]

kewpie is one of my favorite vintage items, anything with kewpie I love! for valentines I love making copies of these rare vintage postcards. This one is really special and I wanted to share on my blog Related articles Kewpie Collectibles (missfunes.wordpress.com) kewpie (missfunes.wordpress.com) PCC flea market 01/01/12 (missfunes.wordpress.com)

Whole grain or Cereals with whole grain and  wheat bread: Hello Dear Information Seekers, ready for another tip? Ok this one is already well-known, but I will give you facts and reason to make it on your shopping list. WHOLE GRAIN . Whole grain bread, buckwheat, whole grain cereals, whole grain bagels and other types of […]

Beading tray beading tray-Image of tray is an example, of one i own and use it for laying out my beading projects. Wire or string: beading wire or string- is needed in order to start any beading project. depends on beads beeing used and needles that will determine your gauge in wire or string thickness. Stringing stringing is a technique […]

Hello Girls! A little bit ago I posted How  Tea Drinkers Benefit from looking  yrs younger ♥ Well Tonight as I was sipping my Tea and thinking 5yrs younger, I was also remembering an old co-worker once told me that Drinking Tea or any other Hot liquid after meals helps with Digestion!! Wow Drinking Tea […]

Adelette is a paper doll from December’s post that included DOLL LIFE 1992 IMAGES. I was going through my paper files and cleaning out clutter when I noticed this is the missing wardrobe change from Adelette paper doll from 1992 Doll’s Life Magazine!! Isnt it elegant and perfect! Okay now your doll is set! ♥ […]

Beautiful wonderful magical places where treasures are waitting to be found and taken home to be cleaned, fixed or just displayed by YOU! This is my Favorite thing about the weekends!!! I will list tips and prices, pictures and adventures. This is my 2nd post for the yard sale topic for my blog Miss.Funes Bella♥ […]

The french language is romantic, classy and exciting!  here are some popular french phrases and the pronunciation as well! Practice and it will come naturally with time, the key is practice, don’t give up!   ENGLISH                                  PRONUNCIATION                           FRENCH Do you speak English?            par-lay voo zon-glay                            Parlez-vous anglais? Excuse me/sorry                      ex-koo-zay mwah                                  Excusez-moi Fine thanks and you?              bee-ehn mer-see ay voo?                   […]

Instructions For Life.

Hello how was everyone’s Christmas Holiday Weekend? Well now that the holiday is over and vacation LAZY time is OVER GIRLS!! YES it is time to get back to taking care of ourselves! Remember NOBODY WILL DO IT for you! and sometimes these simple everyday life changes can do noticeable changes, but keep in mind […]

Here’s a pleasant little pastime that takes about 5 minutes to do each day but could make you up to 5 years younger if you’re faithful to it: drinking tea.  wow!! again wow! i dont know about you…BUT IM DRINKING TEA DAILY FROM NOW ON! In a Chinese study, the cells of enthusiastic tea drinkers showed […]

     its a magical time of year …. and what better treat than the ballet! One of my favorites, not only for christmas time but of all ballets THE NUTCRACKER is amazing and just the very best in my book! IF your like me and you have to stay at home, and seeing the live ballet […]

MY FAVORITE THING ABOUT THE WEEKEND IS THE YARD SALES! WHAT IS A YARD SALE? A garage sale, also known as a yard sale, rummage sale, tag sale, lawn sale, attic sale, moving sale, or junk sale, is an informal, irregularly scheduled event .  the goods in a garage sale are unwanted, AND put up […]

Loving these cute paper dolls??? I am!! okay gals and gals!!! lol lets cut and color these outfits for Mrs. Claus!

we cant have SANTA without his lovely better half! here is MRS. CLAUS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             kewpie collecting:)♥ here is a kewpie candy container ..isnt he adorable? –this kewpie container was made in 1915 and retailed for 38.00 to 45.00 dollars now it’s worth anywhere from 80 to 120 dollars SO WORTH IT!! ISNT IT?                     do you like […]

Hello This Paper Doll Can be Printed and Colored by YOU or by a happy little one! No matter what this is a perfect activity for DEC 25th morning! print a couple, color,cut & hang in Family room or office Another idea is to place these as placemats for next christmas I will show you […]

Hello Everyone Paper Dolls ARE BACK and they are here with Christmas Cheer! ho! ho! Ho! Grab your hot cocoa and scissors and letz get cutting out these fun christmas paper dolls! Dont you love the holidays! take time from all the shopping mania and get away from the retail stress and do some good […]

HALLOWEEN AND THANKSGIVING BLOCKS SUPER CUTE these halloween blocks are so CUTE! If you notice they are double sided, one side says HAPPY HALLOWEEN then HAPPY THANKSGIVING on oppositte side! the pumpkins serve as double happy time! and scarecrow is just adorable! Very Practical and very festive! Kids can play also they will have arranging […]

Hello Today I would Like to Introduce one of my favorite paper doll Artists she makes paper Dolls from 1700 Era and they are just beautiful and the dresses and hats and other accessories she provides are just amazing! This Doll is from a magazine i collect “Doll Life” this issue is from 1994. Artists […]

Vitamin A Skin: Great for fighting acne, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, and blocking free-radicals Hair: An anti-oxidant that stimulates scalp oil production — good for dry hair Nails: Reduces brittleness Found in: eggs, cantaloupe, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, fortified milk and cereal B-Complex Vitamins Skin: Improves skin tone, evenness, and retains moisture Hair: Prevents […]

Making a Home Mask Store-bought masks can be pricey, and you can get the same results by making your own masks at home.  here are some recommended ingredients by skin type: Oily or Acne-Prone Skin: Eggs, milk of magnesia, clay, mud, mint, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, brewer’s yeast, zinc Dry Skin: Almond or olive oil, lavender, […]

Do your bored-to-tears kids get crazy or IS IT hard to sit THEM down? when waiting at the DMV or sitting in a restaurant? or at doctors office? maybe just a car ride becoming difficult? It is happening all over the world, parents loosing control and its easier than you think if you just take time […]


  attach a pantyhose with a rubber band to a vacuum hose! next time you want to pick up beads or buttons, or smaller legos jewelry pieces! simple right?? At lunch time… Apples with Rubber band around  to hold in place, makes them stay fresher longer, no more browned apple slices!           […]


¨♥°º©©º°¨¨¨°º©♥©º°¨¨¨¨¨¨°º ©♥©º°¨°º©♥♥©º°¨¨♥¨¨°º©♥©º°¨♥¨°º©♥©º°¨°º©♥©º°¨¨°º♥º°¨♥¨°º©♥©º°°º♥©©º°¨¨¨¨°º©©º©©º°¨¨¨°º©©º°¨¨°º ©©º°¨¨°º©♥©º°¨¨¨¨°º©©º°¨¨°Miss.funes is a blog about Daily life as a mother, a young lady, home life and my favorite Arts and Crafts! If you like to improve your daily ways, keep up to date with your world or need advice then keep reading my blog. I welcome tips as well! lets help each other […]

  ENGLISH                                  PRONUNCIATION                           FRENCH Do you speak English?            par-lay voo zon-glay                            Parlez-vous anglais? Excuse me/sorry                      ex-koo-zay mwah                                  Excusez-moi Fine thanks and yo   u?              bee-ehn mer-see ay voo?                   Merci et vous? Glad to meet you                       on-shohn-tay                                          Enchanté Good-bye                                      oh ruh-vwar                                            Au revoir Good evening                              bon-swar                                                   Bon soir Good morning/good day       bon-zhoor                                                 Bon jour Hello                                               sah-loo                                                       […]