beading basics continues with essential tools for beaders!!


Flush cutters and super flush cutters:

flush cutters

Flush cutters are used for cutting wire.

Use to cut flat ends or angled ends on your wire. To cut a flat end, insert the wire into the cutters through the flat side. To get an angled cut on your wire, insert the wire through the concave side of the cutters.



Flat round-nose pliers: for wire wrapping, beading and jewelry-making, these pliers have one jaw that looks like it came from a pair of round-nose pliers and one jaw that looks like it came from a pair of flat-nose pliers. The added bonus with some of these pliers is that they have notches marked along the flat-nose jaw for consistently-sized loops. These are very important for jewelry-making and wire wrapping tasks because they don’t usually leave any dents in my precious metal wire!

flat round nose




Flat-nose pliers: These pliers have slightly tapered jaws that are wide and flat on both outside and inside. If you need to get a grip (on your wire) when making spirals and other wire shapes, this is the best tool for the job. Use them with a pair of chain-nose pliers for opening and closing jump rings.

flat nose









Chain-nose pliers: These pliers have tapered jaws with rounded outsides and flat insides. They are particularly useful for manipulating wire and other jewelry-making items like jump rings and sometimes crimp beads. Chain nose pliers are also your best bet for wiggling that beading needle though beads.




chain nose



Round-nose pliers: These pliers have tapered jaws that are perfectly round and smooth. Your round-nose pliers are used for making loops in wire. Be careful when using them for other wire-wrapping tasks, as the jaws can leave marks and dings in your precious metal wire.

round nose



  1. Excellent article, thanks!

    1. thank you for reading and im glad you enjoyed!

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