Kewpie Mania continues..from my collection


Rose O'Neill, illustrator and originator of th...

Rose O'Neill, illustrator and originator of the "Kewpie" doll, posed in Gertrude Käsebier's New York City studio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

kewpie mania continues….cant help myself !!♥

these kewpies are available for purchase. I try to offer different items on my ebay page, If you dont see the Kewpies simply email and will post if it’s  still available. 

To the Right Creator Of Kewpies Rose O’Neil

A brief History of Kewpie

Creator: Rose O’neil

publication: Ladies Home Journal


Story behind the Kewpies is …. Rose O’neil was back home afer a divorce, and she was dreaming with fairy like babies! These babies ended up becoming her priced Kewpies!

Rose o’neil was a woman that didnt allow a divorce get the best of her, She applied her skills as a artist, writer, sculptor and transformed her dream into a business. She quickly saw the potential in marketing licensing her Kewpies.

Til this day you see kewpies on dishes, boxes of all sizes, candy containers, towels, childrens books, blankets, postcards, the list is long!

Many Kewpies for all types of people…


Left image:

Kewpie is made of Bisque and stringed arms and legs, he is in a cast iron antique crib.

Image to the right:

around 1970’s vintage kewpie made on bisque. has an older look with a curly kew and big eyes chubby legs…no markings.

Bottom right image:  1960’s

The one wearing a stripe PJ is wearing original clothing , Cameo markings designed by joseph callus

The nude kewpie is smaller version but comes nude no PJ’s:) Cameo markings

The bottom Kewpie is a bath toy and this kewpie has made in hong kong markings made of plastic material



  1. Hi, for reasons uknown when I place your feed into my feed reader, it will not function. Can you give me the RSS page just to be sure I’m using the correct one?

  2. When I was a little girl, I had a neighborhood friend who owned several Kewpies. I always wanted one like this.

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