Collecting Dolls BARBIE. MADAME ALEXANDER AND GINNY some of the most wanted dolls


Barbie dolls– A favorite of collectors of all range of ages, from the rookie 5 yr old collectors to the closet collectors (teens) to the stay at home moms that couldnt afford dolls and now as adults find joy in childhood dolls a reality! (me)


Barbie dolls are popular with collectors because they have a variety of themes and fashion that changes with the times! Barbie truly is the luckiest girl in the world! Barbie has many professions, nationalities, different friends like ken, ricky, teresa and her sister skipper!

 Madame Alexander– Here is a tricky one because if you’re not careful you can pay for a vintage and it may just be a reproduction . 

Modern Madame Alexander dolls are beautiful dolls well worth the investment, you can find them for under $200.00

Picture MY COLLECTION- MA DOLL-Bo Peep from 1981. She is a reproduction/VINTAGE NOT ORIGINAL STILL very collectible and Beautiful doll. Her eyelashes, make up and clothing is spectacular!


GINNY-..these were among the dolls that children were allowed to get out of box! Ginny dolls actually got played with, finding a ginny doll in excellent condition is nearly impossible!! thats why these dolls are very procey if found mint in box! (picture)the cover of my Ginny reference book love this book because it’s very accurate and pictures are large beautiful and has prices. Making my shopping doll hunts easier!!



Ginny doll

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