is there any REAL money in Doll Collecting? Doll Dealing?

If you have love for dolls and truly enjoy learning about dolls then THE TRUE winnings isn’t money ..

The WINNINGS are the good times you will have when you play dress up with your child, or when you collect or show off your collection/displays to family friends, even here on blogs, that’s the true collector someone who enjoys showing their hard-earned collection and takes pride in knowing details and teaching others.

Collectors can spend up to $1,000.00 or more for a prized bubble cut Barbie in box! and take pride .

Others like myself find the less loved dolls the ones that got enjoyed and then forgotten,  dolls in need of TLC.

I spend little money$ BUT I spend TIME on them,  what ever you decide is okay, as long as your happy and you’re enjoying your hard-earned money or enjoying your precious time, Hobby, income, family time these categories are things to consider when taking up such activites..what would you like to gain from Barbie collecting and how much are you willing to invest…

If you inherit a massive doll collection well that’s all profit, lucky you!!

make your money!!! or email me!! NOT JOKING..LOL…


 picture above is for VINTAGE 1959 BARBIE

There is money to be made but it wont happen overnight and you need to do your homework and put effort, don’t expect to get fast cash, BE  informed and as always IF YOU DONT ENJOY WHAT YOU DO, YOU WONT MAKE PROFITS.  

happy Doll shopping

Doll Loving and

Good Luck!!




  1. Wow! the more I look at your blog, the more impressed I am with it!! You are so very smart with how to make it look good, and have great information and items! I have just started on this; and when I see your blog.. I sadly realize I have much more work to do 😦 Do you use a webdesigner to get your page so well organized??

    1. Jamie! that’s the sweetest comment so far! Thank you for your words, My head is so big I wont be able to get out the door!! lol

      to answer your questions.. I dont have any help, I’m actually still getting the hang of this blog thing, this is my first blog. I started the blog to document my collections I am acquiring (some for personal/ and other for selling)…it’s weird but when I type up the posts I tend to remember the information easier than just trying to memorize it, plus if I write it in a book I run the chance of forgetting it when I’m out hunting ! 🙂 I can always log on from my cell and my blog helps me find my info quickly, I have tons of pages that I type up and keep as a draft, and I use it for referance 🙂 its my online notebook in a way. So it is fun I get to share my DIY projects, info, and tips…and It’s cool that you found my blog, lets keep in touch! love this blog thing …people from all over can network and share tips, and advice and positive vibes, we need that 🙂
      let me know if I can help you with your blog ok? and you can help me with the glass ware ok?

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