Barbie and Emma Fun Perfect pink trip- By Kelly Funes

English: The 'Barbie House', Aldeburgh This ti...

barbie and emma plan their pink fun trip here!


English: Polaroid Barbie Pink Instant 600 Film...

Director Kelly Productions miss.funes

Magazine or Book idea


created by  Miss. Kelly Funes

8yr old Kelly my beautiful daughter is in the process of creating her barbie book or magazine and i will show her frames and creative process, Today she shares her barbies posing and different barbie outfits, friends and scenes. This is her mind and creativity process, im amazed 🙂


Barbie and her friend think of their road trip and plan their adventure!

emma is barbies friend

emma starts check list

road ahead looks pink-a-licious and fun!all the way!

pink peeps outfits check!

pink corvette fast car check!

jean jacket pink shorts pink dress check!……………

barbie and emma lay on pink car and dream of the day Perfect dreaming for friends-

friends make the trip perfect- says barbie

ok next  Barbie and Emma will have their day planned- goodbye-

-kelly funes

Português: barbie estrela do rock

vintage barbie comic- INSPIRATION for Barbie girls !

miss kelly director pose:)

Barbie Chef

on the road they stop to have yummy lunch -grilled cheese

Day To Night Barbie
barbie ready for trip, barbie loves pink and travel



  1. Ur daughter is very beautiful

  2. gsintime · · Reply

    Good info my daughter is doing a video on barbies in April, at

    1. Dear gsintime!!
      how are you? so happy to hear back from you 🙂
      What type of video is your daughter making? maybe we can post more articles that will help her. Or if you want you can always pingback..ok…It’s so cute how the girls get involved in barbie collecting. Kelly is collecting the playsets now..she has the pool, corvette, bathroom set, and bedroom…this reminds me i found a cute barbie playset in a thrift store last week…i will post right now so you see it. xoxoxo

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