barbie doll tips- continued….markings on barbie are patents date!

Hello Barbie doll fans and collectors 🙂

The markings on Barbie’s butt are from her patent year!!

 not the year that Barbie was made!!

Some Barbies will have 1966 marking on lower area, rear end, but that means her patent was from that date. The proper way of knowing when your barbie was made would be the box. If no box then look at hair style, eyelashes, body type, face, features on face, make up, if original clothing then that will have many clues as to year of release of your Doll.

anyway, picture here Kelly holds 3 vintage barbies.



We know because of the style of hair, make up, orig, box!

Vintage Barbies Hair style is not long hair like today’s barbies, vintage barbie has bubble cut hair, pony tail or like fashion queen she has drawn on hair. She brings wigs, 3 wigs blonde, brunnete, black.

Vintage barbie has real eyelashes, you will def. notice when a barbie is not vintage.

The Middle barbie Kelly holds is twist and turn barbie, picture with 2 torsos shows you the differance.

 With time it becomes easier, just be aware and make informed buys, do your homework!

there are many websites and books these days.

Torso di Barbie

Torso Barbie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Tuesday xoxo

okay just wanted to share this quick tip, don’t let anyone sell you a Barbie doll at a high price because of markings!


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