7 tips to put into USE! that will help promote good behavior from your child!

hello I wanted to share some quick tips to put to use TODAY!


O.K. HERE WE GO 7 TIPS FOR YOU AS A MOTHER/PARENT to give your child a better chance of behaving!

1) Allow your child to play near you when your cleaning and doing your daily house chores, for example If im cleaning the kitchen or doing laundry I allow my daughter to play with the plastic dishes or pots (smaller) and she has a good time with the soapy water, here i show pictures of her smiling and having fun while I get my tasks done and keep eye on her! Key is making the tasks fun, they love playing with water, soap, things that arent toys….it’s a fun way of keeping then busy and out of harm and at your side!











2) keep smaller containers in your child room or play room this tip is more for you to have control over a messy room or cluttered area, believe it or not this has an impact on a childs behavior. If they see a clean room they will feel peace, as opposed to a crazy dirty messy room. Having smaller bins will promote easier and quicker toy finds, or supplies search for homework time.Keep in mind the bigger the container the more we tend to throw and its less likely it will be organized , it will be cluttered, therefore using smaller bins or containers will give you a better chance of keeping it tidy. If your child sees the good example she/he will have better chance of putting toys,supplies or clothes back in to the correct place! Star Child aaaaah! lol

3) label system personalize- LABEL LABEL LABEL yes labeling is your best friend. Add this one to the Bin or Container! If your child sees the word leggo he is more likely to stop and think twice before throwing crayons in his bin mommy labeled:) personalize children are very sweet and they love to be recognized. they will act bad if they see that good behavior is ignored, they need and want attention , make sure to validate them and putting names on Doors or bins will more likely give them that sense of Acceptance and love they need. Personalize notebooks, backpacks, just don’t go to far and don’t ad last names! remember to tell your child the dangers of strangers… tell them no matter what if an adult isnt teacher, family or close family friend, don’t listen or agree to go with just because they know their name.

4) communication- Not only is this important its recommended by pediatricians! Talk, talk, make sure you speak to your kids and don’t baby talk to much. Of course as babies this is acceptable, but they do recommend to limit the cooooing! Our voices sooth baby from the early stages in the womb, speak to your child and in a loving tone, this will always give good results. try to hold your tongue and calm down , don’t ever speak to your child when angry. They are smart and they will repeat your words. Dont speak adult topics in their presence. They will bring this up and at the worst time…yes and that not cool!! lol

5) state the RULES before- for example before entering a store, let your child know why your making this trip to store, if you don’t plan on buying them let your child know!! it is unfair to allow your child to walk in store and think they are getting a toy or movie and in the end just tears and tantrums. If your child knows believe me it is easier to walk out with out tears from both!!

6) stick to your rules Remember this wont happen over night, it’s a habit they will pick up. be a good or bad habit …they will learn habits, so be patient and know that if you choose good habits then you will have a child with good habits.

7) recognize- Recognize your childs good and bad behaviors! don’t ignore the behaviors now because it is more difficult to break bad habits that are older. Dont yell just calmly look at child in the eyes and with a loving voice say what he did or she did and why this is wrong. Say your plan of punishment and stick to it, kids will respect and in return make you proud.Careful with the thin line between bribe and incentives. Incentives are healthy and promote good behaviors, bribery will only be a quick solution but if done too much it gives your child a wrong message, let’s try to limit these briberies to extreme situations lol! I know we all pull the bribe card don’t feel guilty, just don’t make it a daily habit, because that’s just promoting bad behavior in your child and it’s plain lazy on your behalf. As a parent you are expected to make the extra effort of raising your child, do so with love and attention .

my 8 yr old make me proud, she is very well-mannered and it took time, there were the terrible 2’s but these tips helped me. of course there are more but I will add with time, just wanted to share my tips today. 7 tips to a good well-behaved child! let me know how this works for you!

We learn grow daily and being humble and kind and stopping to listen and learn will make you better. If  the tip isn’t a good one just politely listen and say thank you. If the person doesn’t mean any harm why get upset ? I see so many mothers that are in need of a good tip because clearly they are loosing control over their child and this causes stress and all around no one is enjoying themselves…. children that get out of hand are the product of a parent that has not tried to step in. Most parents sit there and say kids will be kids, but I feel as a parent its our job to make sure these kids grow up to be succesful well-mannered adults that make us proud!

Be involved don’t loose the motivation, don’t blame others, and don’t ever think you can’t change bad behaviors! yes you can and yes you should!




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