chalk board paint! DIY arts & crafts time has got a New Best Friend!

Today I want to show you a new paint on the market CHALK BOARD PAINT!

DIY  arts and crafts will forever be changed thanks to its best new tool!

Chalk Board paint –

This awesome chalk board paint can transform a boring wall into a castle!

Tic TaCToe and other fun games will be easy and fun just get chalk,

With a quick coat or two of paint you can do this yourself!

Games, drawings or schedules will be convenient to read and messages will be easier to give!

Get your supplies and get ready to paint! It’s simple and costs around $8 to $10 at a regular store, I didnt go to a specialty hardware store. Since im not getting paid and this is just my own tip I’m not naming store…Lets just say I went to my local store where you can buy shampoo or

All you need:

  1. Can of Chalk Board Paint.


2)Foam Roller for Walls or Hand held square flat brush like in picture, the Red flat brush is for smaller surface.

3)Painter’s tray

4)Painters Tape

Prep area for Chalk Board paint.

  1. here is a before and after picture of shelf , turned into message board with chalckboard paint.
  2. Before Chalk board paint

To start painting:

1) Open your can and pour desired amount of paint on painters tray.

2) Completely Saturate Foam Roller with chalk board paint

3)  Start at bottom of wall and Do even Strokes starting from Bottom to top and Once again you Start at next Bottom to Top…do even strokes ..

coming back down with Foam Roller still on wall


chalk holder and on the go chalk board! 2 coats looks so nice! this was made from container of cottage cheese


4) Allow 30 minutes between coats,

info: DONT USE CHALK BOARD FOR 2 DAYS, Let it dry completely before you use chalk on it.








 for childs room this is amazing! your little one will be busy playing dollhouse with her own dollhouse drawings, or playing tic tac toe, or practicing handwritting…my little girl loves to play store or school and loves her chalk wall and her chalk door!






dinner trays are fun to make into a traveling chalk boards!




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