vintage doll house furniture images

Living Room of Dollhouse. Maine, USA

Living Room of Dollhouse Victorian Style

Lovely Miniature Doll house

Furniture are works of art! Some of the vintage or Antiques I have found are so tiny yet they are perfect, they have every tiny detail!!

Victorian Doll houses are one of my favorite items to collect, they are full of detail, unique,  Victorian woman were so e

Victorian furniture Velvet collection







Cast iron furniture is very well made and makes any doll house look authentic if you want the vintage or antique look.lovely!!


Do you feel to grown up for a dollhouse? No kids in the house to place blame on? lol

this is perfect for you if you need to display your dollhouse miniatures without a dollhouse …what do you think?












What I did was simple, L brakets nailed to the wall and a shelf on top of L brackets, and it makes a perfect display area for my minis!

the frozen charlotte on the pink piano gives this a romantic feel, antique, plus the grandfather clock adds to the decor. This is more “grown up” collection display .

There are many ways to display your love for miniatures, or vintage toys.

I will keep posting more ideas…xoxox



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