tin dollhouse part 2 …kitchen,bedrooms, upper deck Outdoor patio look how cute!

hello how is everyone’s weekend?

found any good and unique  vintage items? or antiques???

all you pickers and collectors….what have you found?

isnt it exciting? I sure do get a thrill out of finding my one of a kind things… then fixing them or cleaning them, and giving them that second chance to shine:) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! loooooove it!

my last post was my tin house, today I will show my tin house rooms, first on the bottom level we have a kitchen, tiny so lovely!

the first picture has the kitchen with one set up, and the very last picture at the bottom shows the kitchen with a different set up, i wanted to show different ways to place ur pieces:)

baby doll made of bisque unmarked,  baby is strung at the arms and missing both legs, he will be making a visit to the doll hospital very soon! lol

bathroom has retro floor with swan design, the light blue toilet & green bath tub and the lovely porcelain sink pedestal with hot/cold handles are unmarked ..next door to the bathroom we see the baby nursery, and cute bisque baby with painted on face is there sitting in his potty chair! vintage baby nursery pieces have the trays on baby potty chairs! i guess back in the day babies spent alot of time in the potty!! lol because when i potty trained my daughter she had no tray!!

the upper patio has uncovered lounge area! ready with a yellow chair marked superior, the green chair is unmarked but I believe it is MARX. It has same hard plastic as the Red tv/record player in the bottom level. They both have the same shiny finish and built same, also they have a 3with a circle? but I’m guessing, I will try to look up a MARX product book, the Red dolly is unmarked and metal ..the wheels actually move 🙂




cute desk and light blue sofa with pink baby crib


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