Arts & Crafts time: DIY returns with chalk board paint for Containers!

Last Chalk board Post I showed my TV dinner tray transformed into a traveling Chalkboard! Since i have been using this tray daily! I take notes, or leave messages or quick Designs I have in mind or ideas, Because If your like me writting ideas down in the moment is the best way to actually come back to them and not forget!! This also helps as a traveling kid center, tic tac toe hangman or homework help on the go!after my project I had left over paint…and thats

where my next idea is born!!………………………………………………………..

Labels for Containers with left over paint!

 DIY project is SO simple, quick , cheap and looks great!

MY growing obsession with Chalk board paint has helped me get organized in the kitchen:)
The best part is that I already have the needed supplies, no need to go back to the store..
The left over chalk board paint , brush and Any kitchen container

I was able to finish this project in 2 quick steps each around 15mins maybe less…

supplies : painters tape, brush or sponge brush, chalk board paint and the container

1st part of project : I made a square with the painters tape, basically making the border, its up to you if you want smaller or bigger labels and what shape…since it was my first attempt i went with a simple rectangle.

then i painted my first coat of chalk board paint…allow to dry

side note: (i put it to the side and came back next day

When I dont have too much time on hand i try to do my projects in small quick sessions..

2nd part: Painted the 2 coat of chalk board paint allowed to dry…after 30 mins it was dry to the touch! my containers now have neat chalkboard for easy labeling!

what do you think? Maybe next time I will do mason jars and my little bead containers?

I love simple fast DIY projects they make me feel good and accomplished!


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