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pyrex mixing bowl

Hello Good Morning Happy Thursday! Wow this week is flying by, I love it…this means closer to the weekend and I LOVE weekends! Flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores….aaaahhh need i say more?!

The word Pyrex brings a smile to my face 🙂

If you know Good Quality and You enjoy the vintage graphics, 60’s 70’s Pyrex, Corning are some of the markings to look for on bottom of dishes.

I enjoy finding my gems in Thrift Stores, Not only do I find them for under $5.00 maybe $8.00 at most depending on size…but if you compare to prices for dishes you find at walmart or pottery barn even Ross or Marshal even Target can be pricey sometimes…

Pyrex or Corning Are Better Quality Have better designs (my opinion) If you like modern then Maybe its not for you, but if you enjoy vintage fashion then Vintage Kitchen Ware can be something for you to try!?

I started with one mixing bowl

…then I found a baking pan, then another and another then I found

Pyrex Cups,

then another set, and my collection started growing, I still need more items but I have Acquired some very beautiful  Vintage dishes and bakeware.

Very Beautiful Mixing bowls, They are Made in USA and the material isnt cheap they look like they will last for ages, they make my kitchen feel like HOME andthey are fun to use, the Mixing bowls I found come in Green and Yellow Bold Color, and I found A retro Rooster Graphic so Cool and Fun to work with!

Better quality for under $5.00!!

All you need is patience, sponge, dishwashing soap and sometimes a sturdy brush to wash away the marker the workers use to mark up prices…I dont know why these 2nd hand stores do this but they mark dishes sometimes and its very difficult to remove, they also mark furniture! but thats another subject…

Pyrex dishes are my favorite thing to hunt for these days each time i find new designs (old actually) but new to me ..I get so excited and i cant wait to get home and clean my new cups or plates or mixing bowls or bakeware…I cant seem to get enough of all the clear mixing bowls I find them in all sizes and recently I found tiny clear bowls like for jello or pudding ..I used it to hold ingredients it gives my kitchen a pretty vintage feel, sometimes packaging isnt so pretty so its nice to have clear containers that allow the ingredients to shine 🙂 they also are excellent for taking pictures of your ingredients! for foody bloggers they are a must have!! when they take pics of recipes, these clear vintage small dishes will give pictures a proffesional look and give a polished look to a recipe post!


pyrex (Photo credit: **tWo pInK pOSsuMs**)


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