RoseBowl Sunday in Pasadena, Ca. what to wear, what to bring, tips!!

♥Rosebowl in Pasadena, Ca

  • what: Flea Market
  • when: 2nd sunday of each month
  • why: Tons and Tons of Vendors and So much Too look at from Home decorations, outdoor patio furniture, Vintage jewelry, retro rock tees and so much more!


* BRING YOUR OWN DRINKS! water is $5.00 for tiny bottle, bring your own water bottle , don’t pay 5.00 for a sip! lol

*another tip: bring change ….its uncomfortable to haggle then pay with a big bill yikes!!! lol so be ready bring $1.00 if possible or 5.00 bills

If you can bring a cart, or wagon…many bring radio flyer wagons. picture below is my cart, simple yet very useful and allows hands free and your things all neat in cart, perfect!

*Tape measure=

*Pics on your cell of your place (trust me it helps to have a visual)- or what ever your trying to fix or change, a picture is great back up! also helps you keep focused on list and avoid impulse buys lol

Attire Accessories

*wear sunblock The sun is out and shiny and really bright and no shade areas to shop here, all vendors are outside, YOU will need hats, sunglasses, sunblock, the works!

* wear layers , in the early morning you will be cold, but as time passes and you shop and walk, you will get hot and it’s easy to tie a sweater around waste, so wear layers like spaghetti strap tees, small sweaters, and wear cargo pants …I recommend cargos because of the pockets! and its easy to put cash in one, measuring tape, camera, cell, in dif pockets, plus the material is lighter than jeans, making it cooler to wear, but its enough coverage to be able to get on floor and look at furniture ,and look at smalls and really get into the shopping! of course these are my tips, maybe others feel jeans are better, but I’m not thin..I need comfy pants lol…and sweats are to pj feeling for me, so cargo is my choice! 🙂

*No sandals, your footsie will be dirty and in pain:( wear walking shoes or running shoes with good support, also slip ons are comfy for this shopping trip! todds or vans or keds are perfect, they are simple no shoelace yet secure, don’t wear boots like steel toes lol! i see so many girls that wanna look trendy but they end up getting overheated, and i never see any thing in their hands, lol, i think they just go for the scene! If you coming for the actual shopping forget the vintage biker or hippy boho cute shoes, leave strappy sandals at home ladies!! this is not a fashion show, it’s a hunting shopping trip, fun shopping for DIY and project weekenders! if your actually looking to do changes in your place and want to find vintage furniture, kitchen retro everything, art, clothing, jewelry?? then come dressed to shop and walk and get dirty, besides style is within! if you really are unique you will still impress while being comfortably dressed and attitude and poise and vintage antique style is spotted miles away, that unique style is magnetic and inviting , live it and people will be drawn to you, people will ask where did you get your cute tee, or bag? or maybe your hair style will set you apart? just remember to be comfortable above all,

but YES everyone looks like a million bucks lol,,,, its LA! what do you expect, that’s why this is the place to be if you want to be inspired! if vintage is your first love, if you enjoy nostalgic items, if your different and have good taste but limited funds, here you will stretch $$ just shop smart and haggle nicely 🙂

I have posted before how to haggle, check it out, it’s a good read, and also vintage words, some articles to keep in mind when out there and looking for deals! just look in the categories section, Hopefully these tips are useful!



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