vintage/ antique words that you should now before going out to treasure hunt!

Hello I wanted to do a quick post to go over the words or lingo that flea markets regulars use!! this can also be used for garage sales, yard sales..


Anything Older than you, lol

Seriously something 2 yrs ago can be considered vintage!!

with that said, vintage doesn’t exactly mean good or expensive, people tend to think adding vintage to something means its quality, reality is Vintage means not new.


A person that earns his/her income by finding treasures that were someone else’s junk, or finding cast offs on streets or alleys and then finding customers that will buy, remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

with that said pickers are middle man and they sometimes turn junk into new creative furniture, home decor…you will find these pickers at flea markets or online:)

“as is”

this term is used when something isn’t returnable, basically you are stuck once you buy. When you see this take time to ask questions and negotiate, this means something may be chipped, broken but its something worth tAKing time to fix or give new life! a little creativity and patience with an eye for the bigger picture will come in handy so As is can sometimes be on your side, here you have the chance to pick up a collectible or junk at a bottom low price and with TLC from you the end result can be Exciting and Smart BUY!!


wear and tear, discoloration or rusty look this is what SOMETIMES gives an item added value!! sometimes this is fixed and value is dramatically reduced, I would recommend you do research before shining any treasure!! older guns, watering cans, paintings, vases, jewelry etc..will be ruined and value lost if polished, painted, I tend to paint my furniture I buy at thrift stores, but I always do research and I spend so little its ok..its mine to paint!!

“Mixed lot”

this is self-explanatory it’s usually a bag full of different small items grouped together to sell as one big lump sum…this is done to make money faster, sometimes too much merchandise is not good and just sitting …its money lost..dealers will group them to make last-minute quick cash sales, I do this on eBay I group my costume jewelry or sterling silver to sell and get cash quicker, or sometimes dolls can be grouped basically any vintage items that will attract sales and income to make the daily quota:)


this means OR BEST OFFER

USUALLY used online, here you can give your offer you feel is fair:)


things that are small and weigh less than 5 to 7 lbs..10 lbs is at the most!! it fits in a regular trunk of a mid-size car, you wouldn’t need to rent a van or pick up truck, this items can be easily carried put in a box and taken home by you without any help, smalls are usually items you can see in mixed lots….smalls are treasures!!

ok hope this quick tip in thrift store and flea market shopping helps!!!

hope everyone has fun out there, i know I enjoy each treasure hunt!!





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  4. Hey, I came across your blog doing a search on wordpress. really like your page! especially this post; decided to add you so I can stay updated on you! Check out my wordpress blog too, its basically on glassware, hello Kitty and collectibles!

    1. hello Jamie! 🙂
      thank you for the sweet words, I also like Hello Kitty I havent dedicated much of my blog to hello kitty, shame on me:( I will try to add my collectibles for hello kitty soon:)
      and thank you for adding me, I will check out your blog as well! 🙂

      1. Thank you! And i’ll do the same, I really enjoyed yours and it will be good to keep updated now 😀

      2. hello I just checked out your blog, i have some glassware that maybe you may be able to tell me if its expensive, later I will post it, its blue like the one in your glass mall picture. I bought it at a thrift store, when I post you will get an email, 🙂

        nice chatting with you 🙂

      3. Oh for sure! I will check it out; I can give you an idea of what its worth if its a piece I have seen before.. If it is an antique, these values can vary a lot based on the particular collector; but if its something I am familiar with I would gladly help you out 🙂

      4. ok I will take good pictures, I have these blue thick glass cups they are cobalt blue, marked MADE IN FRANCE 500 – on bottom of glass- Found 3 in a thrift store

        I will post with the pics ok 🙂

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