American Girl Dolls- A MUST HAVE FOR GIRLS 7 TO 11 YRS OLD quality and many more reasons,

Hello how is everyone this Sunday? Wow this month is almost over…and our girls will be returning to school sometime in August. I wanted to talk about our daughters getting good tips and advice! I recommend

American Girl – $105 to 115

Reason: This company appeals to age range girls between 7 to maybe 10 or 11 yrs old, elementary students…The stage they develop personality, good habits, friendly skills, people skills, I feel girls can benefit greatly from the tips, stories, the self-esteem, and good nature of the characters AG doll offers! Some are from 1800’s to 1970’s and each doll has a story and costume changes…Kelly here in the picture is wearing her American Girl Tee with Josefina her dolly also wearing Matching tee! Kelly placed the belt on her and matched it to the boots, she seems to grow and learn how to choose outfits and coordinates with hair bands or shoes, It’s a lot of fun! She enjoys the books and pays attention to the tips offered!

but it is pricey…

I did research to make sure I was being fair, and the options to this type doll are few and not one can truly compare….but each child is different…maybe yours can benefit from the other dolls…I gave quick facts and prices.

runner ups…..




 1) Our Generation 18 Inch Doll- UNDER $20

This cheaper more budget friendly doll is made by Target. This doll is an excellent STARTER dolly, maybe for girls under 7??  I remember buying Kelly this type of doll at 2 to 3 yrs old, TRY IT SEE if your daughter treats her dolly with love:) then you will be more comfortable spending the bigger $

2) Favorite Friends 18 Inch Doll- made by Madame Alexander!- $40

This is a very well-known company! They make some of the best dolls, and the 18 in category is a top choice! Favorite Friends offers more fresh faces than AG doll, and ARTICULATED HEAD”- this means that you can pose the head up and down and tilted SIDE to side. Ag doll you can’t pose that way, but it’s not a huge deal, The Favorite Friends doll has “rooted” hair instead of wigs. In this case the rooted hair isn’t easily ruined since it brings plenty of hair and quality is good. For $40 Favorite Friends is a good buy.

3)  Disney Princess 18 inch Doll- $50

 A major difference for this doll … vinyl body. The benefit of all vinyl is that it allows posing! BUT ITS more difficult to carry around and be hugged. for $50 you’re getting a great doll but its a character princess doll not a doll meant to look like an 8 yr old, the idea is for your daughter to have her bestie! a doll that looks like her!! I don’t recommend this doll for 8yrs and up range…little girls 4 to 5 would enjoy more.

4)Gotz Precious Day 18 Inch Doll- $70

Gotz is a world-renowned German Doll Maker that has been making gorgeous collector’s dolls since 1950. The costumes are well made!! The faces of these 18 inch dolls are beautiful and all very unique BUT TOO BABY LOOKING…Quality is just as good as AG but they don’t hold up over time and with play these dolls are easily ruined and for $70?? This choice is perfect if DOLL will remain BOXED not played and loved by little 8yr olds! If doll is for 8 yr old to enjoy? then It’s wise to buy AG if your already in this spending bracket $! 70 to 105…GO FOR AG DOLL!


I started to read the American Girl books to Kelly. many topics our daughters are sure to experience in School. The books talk about manners, courage, tips on beauty, friendship, fashion you name it!! even Bullying! We enjoyed reading and doing the activities offered in the american girl magazine.

If you can’t buy the AG doll, try getting the books on tips, they have them at Michael’s or the american girl store, in California it’s at the GROVE.

Or try getting the Doll but making the outfits at home?

I make the jewelry for Kelly’s dolls, She actually enjoys it and prefers my handmade necklaces!

until next time, peace love!





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