collecting kewpie continues…WHERE HAVE ALL THE KEWPIE COLLECTORS GONE?

porcelain kewpie with heart on front side on tummy, this kewpie is stringed at arms and legs making him poseable 🙂 but i keep him in a comfy box, i don’t want him to break, this one is one of my favorites:)

the smaller kewpie with black jacket is celluloid, plastic family…. and very tiny and hollow, very fragile, the clothes and expressions are painted very carefully by hand 🙂 no matter what material Kewpie always manages to be charming! 🙂

the kewpie in very fragile condition, on very top, he was found at flea market in…just cant help it, when I see dolls in need of repairs, I buy them and I want to find them a loving home, It’s sad to see them in need of TLC… Today I want to bring attention to the kewpies that aren’t perfect or mint in box, these kewpies that once were loved and now need  TLC 🙂

the  kewpie with both hands on chin is completely white, almost chalky, he hasn’t been finished and it seems like this kewpie is a project half way done, but I can appreciate Kewpie still 🙂 I will make sure he goes to a good home where he can be finished and loved , soon he will be posted on my ebay page…or maybe Etsy If I ever finish that registration!! lol I havent sold on etsy yet, ebay has been my only spot, but I need to find different types of doll lovers, doll enthusiasts, ebay seems to be sellers looking to buy mixed lots to flip and profit, WHICH I DONT MIND, i love selling my mixed junk drawer lots, but for this Kewpie I want to find the right hobbiest that’s in this for the love of restoring dolls such as kewpie …ok well that’s my thoughts today, just looking for my options on selling my dolls online, not looking for a quick profit, JUST want to find them a good home, because I don’t want them stuck in my inventory, I want them to go to people who have skills and can appreciate my finds.  If anyone knows of any other websites that may be helpful, let me know…Until then I wanted to start this topic on blog, Am i the only one that gets this vibe from ebay? like it’s not a collector’s site anymore? which is okay because I love selling on ebay, but where HAVE ALL THE COLLECTORS GONE???? ALL THE DOLL EXPERTS ? 🙂 The hobbiest looking for these lovely vintage dolls that need TLC? I will post these 2, see what happens, 🙂


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