DIY project #2 under 20 minutes & $2.00! decoration for Doorway / Hallway

I found this nice gold toned Purse coat Hook at Goodwill for .50 cents, it was on sale(50% off ) and love that color of the day sale, always ask when you go to goodwill what is “color of the day” depending on the color, look at the tags and they are 50% off, the savings are worth the trip and hunt, ok here is the before picture and after picture along with steps ..anyone can do this, just get started and I bet you will come up with even nicer projects, the artist within will surprise you, When a project is done by you it is so much nicer to look at , you walk by and remember that you made that 🙂 very cheap, easy and pretty!! 🙂

I know..most people would prefer to leave this purse hook as is,but to me it looks to “grown up” lol ,I like things to look different and if they have the old look I prefer the old French shabby chic/ meets nautical princess???I don’t know If this makes sense but in my world its perfect. Home decor should be only to please you and your loved ones! It should be something that entire family loves and can live with ,remember only you will walk past by your decor , so only YOU and YOUR family 🙂 matter when pleasing and decor in your home!!

I was able to do this under 20 mins and with:

1) white paint plus primer all over hook, i used left over no additional cost

2) after first coat, I added a fabric rose to the top nail spot, then added a second light coat of paint plus primer, I used my fingers to give it an uneven look, I wanted this to look old and worn!

3) then when dry it took maybe 3 mins to dry, i grabbed a thin brush and painted the rose-pink and the bottom ribbon also just to make it pop pink!

4) I like the old matte finish , but if you want a glossy finish spray with acrylic sealer…

5) then I added  a vintage Costume Jewelry Cocktail ring with a big white/clear stone, as sparkly final touch, I love sparkle princess items, so pretty 🙂

It’s both modern/older looking, the pink pops and ring sparkles and the hook is uniquely decorated, matching my entire decor theme …. all under 20 mins and under 2.00!!

thank you for reading and I will post some more quick projects for weekends:)




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