PCC Fleamarket- vintage nesting tables & vanity desk

the first pic shows thepiece nesting tables, I don’t know If I will stack them? keep them together or separate? If I stack them I will have to trim off  inches from the legs, I saw an example on a DIY magazine..I dont know yet…

so far this year I have had 2 lucky finds at PCC flea market, in January on the 1st Sunday of the year I found a beautiful desk (picture above with mirror desk)  the middle opens and closes, it is a vanity type desk,and last month August I found this 3piece small tables, they look like my desk don’t they? they have the same type of hand painted border 🙂
PCC Flea Market every 1st Sunday, and Last month I found this Vintage Desk that has 3 parts, they almost look like my First Vintage Desk I bought earlier This year…


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