tips for daily use- Straws, wipe dispensers, magnetic strips, how to fold a fitted matress sheet-4 great tips!

to save market bags ?? use a wipe dispenser! Genius!!! now you wont have plastic bags all over the place, neatly stick in wipe dispenser!! you can use lysol wipe dispensers or baby wipe dispensers…re-use and smart also because you will save money and be neat!

On the inside of any cabinet or drawer, or door, or jewelry box you can apply a magnetic strip with sticky backing, they sell them for under 5.00 at walmart or target and they are great for bobby pins, safety pins and needles, they are magnetic and perfect for easy grabs when needed!here is a numbered step by step picture tutorial on how to fold fitted mattress sheets! It actually works! I tried it, at first its kinda messy still, but practice makes perfect, in no time you will have beautifully folded sheets! little things like this brings me pleasure, seeing my sheets nicely folded and arranged nicely…lol…geeeek! lol oh well,,,

To clean out the middle of a strawberry Use a straw!

for better results use the kind that come in a re-usable cup, those straws are made of a no-bend plastic material, making it a sturdy straw, and better results when cleaning out the middle of strawberry♥


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