Antique Metal Mesh Purse & Vintage beaded purses I wonder what they Carried in these tiny bags??

1st purse is a white beaded purse.

From early 1900’s  it’s made of tiny white beads and faux- pearl stones to make the flower pattern on front of purse, the handles and closures are made of metal.

Well made and in excellent condition no strings are coming undone or pearls missing, its perfect!!

The next picture-Metal mesh purse, it’s believed to be pre-war, so early 1900’s or maybe even before!

It’s completely made of metal , closure has 2  blue stones (sapphire perhaps?) plus 2 more stones dangling from the bottom as decoration.

the last 2 – vintage cosmetic beaded bag and a vintage beaded coin purse.

I will frame or put in shadow boxes to display

Or hang on door handles, that always looks nice! gives any room that unique touch!


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