DIY PROJECT- Rolling Filing Cabinet MADE from Bookshelf

I found This Wooden Box  at Ikea. In the clearance Section for $9.00!

yes, in the  CLEARANCE SECTION, it was a bookcase missing the Shelves! LOOK AT PICTURE, YOU CAN SEE THE HOLES where shelves were screwed in place.

missing shelves? equals savings for me and DIY project READY TO be started!!

I WILL MENTION- this bookshelf was in a light brown unfinished wood color, I didn’t think of taking a before picture  until  my project was almost finished… I quickly unscrewed nuts bolts, and snapped pictures.

I promise to take a before picture for next project…

Anyway..First Step was priming and painting it white.

Using primer + paint in one can

-1 coat … with a foam roller  I covered the entire cabinet

-Then roll another coat evenly … let dry

meanwhile I  searched my junk drawer and other misc boxes for anything That could help me secure filing frame to hold my files

picture – has the hardware I found in my junk drawer, -DON’T KNOW THE NAMES LOL- ALL I KNOW IS they are from previous projects or misc screws hardware I find and I put in drawer…

next picture 2- shows HOW I put on the edge, this is where screws are put and this helps keep frame for filing folders safe in place.

-1 in each corner, then to secure it in place I used the screws and bolts with washers nothing but a simple Philips screwdriver is needed to screw in hardware …

once in place- I placed frame that will hold UP FILE FOLDERS (PIC4) SHOWS the actual frame for file  folders to hang on.


– In order for this project to really be USER friendly it needed to be easy to move, sometimes I need to work in my room at times by the computer, also I try to not have heavy items, I move things around like I change my outfits!! Naturally rolling filling cabinet came to mind. Home Depot had my wheels 🙂 simple shopping cart type wheels..

PICTURE 3- shows my filing cabinet with wheels, I asked for help,  using a power drill is still not my strong skill!

after all 4 wheels

were screwed in place, MY rolling filing cabinet is Ready.



PICTURE -shows a view from top, Filing folders will slide and entire cabinet easily rolls plus I can remove filing frame just by lifting it…done!

next time I will show pictures with all folders and paperwork organized, maybe this can be done by end of month…ok til next DIY project…xoxo



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  1. Wow! Great job! And thanks for the mention 🙂

    1. Your welcome for the mention, its good to give props to good reads;) have a great weekend! Crystabel

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