Vintage halloween toys

Hello halloween is next month, in the spirit of ghostly witchy toys , booooo! These lovely vintage toys are sure to start of halloween vintage style! The 3 plastic orange witches are candy holders, very collectible! Next up , . tin noise makers one with pumpkins and the other with black cats and owls, the colors and graphics in excellent condition, minor scratches, its so bright and halloween themed! Next up musical tin toys one is a flute style tin noisemaker its vintage meaning previously loved sooo i wouldnt play it! Display and admire the graphics and give any room a treat! If hands on is your thing, then Nothing beats this musical witch! Talk about scary !! Yikes the tamborine is tin and witchy graphic is terrific this is an instrument perfect for sing alongs in school with children or daycare any caretaker wanting to treat their little ones with a witchy sing along will enjoy this tamborine! Im putting this up for sale on Etsy later today! The flute tin noise maker is already posted on my new Etsy store! Lamondeboutique! Just opened 4days ago, stop by if you like vintage treats! Message me if you have pics of vintage halloween toys! Would love to see more! Toys made today dont compare to the past creativity of toy makers






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