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collecting kewpie continues…WHERE HAVE ALL THE KEWPIE COLLECTORS GONE?

porcelain kewpie with heart on front side on tummy, this kewpie is stringed at arms and legs making him poseable 🙂 but i keep him in a comfy box, i don’t want him to break, this one is one of my favorites:) the smaller kewpie with black jacket is celluloid, plastic family…. and very tiny and hollow, very fragile, the clothes and […]

Hello kitty & Kewpie Doll vintage wood frames DIY PROJECT for wall decor under $5.00 in less than 5 minutes!

hEllo Kitty vintage wood frame $1.95- in pretty purple  this Vintage hello kitty is a rare version of the sanrio character.  Kelly my 8yr old LOVES HELLO KITTY, and purple is her fav color, this $1.95 buy from thrift store, is smart choice. TIP: To hang on wall use ribbons or lace, it’s a soft GIRLY  touch, ,,,  RE-USE, RE-INVENT, RE-PURPOSE, […]

American Girl Dolls- A MUST HAVE FOR GIRLS 7 TO 11 YRS OLD quality and many more reasons,

Hello how is everyone this Sunday? Wow this month is almost over…and our girls will be returning to school sometime in August. I wanted to talk about our daughters getting good tips and advice! I recommend American Girl – $105 to 115 Reason: This company appeals to age range girls between 7 to maybe 10 or […]

VINTAGE PAPER DOLLS – DIY easy project! home decor in minutes! paperdoll for framing quick cheap and unique!

hello fellow vintage ladies! or fellas! here is a vintage paperdoll couple i found on google 🙂 love her outfits, the green coat and pink ruffle dress are beautiful, auw I wish I had those pieces in my closet!!! lol This is perfect for framing!! or scrapbooking! todays DIY PROJECT is a quick print, cut, glue, […]

barbie and skipper finds from thrift stores june and july shopping!

Hawaiian Fun Skipper from 1991 with the large doe eyes that were popular in the late ’80s and early ’90s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Hello everyone I found boxed barbies and skipper outfits  all for an excellent deal at my local thrift store. Skipper is a favorite of many including myself! here are 2 outfits from […]

Figurines from Thrift Stores, kewpie, mickey mouse, precious moments, avon, porcelain .50 cents to $5.00

mickey made of porcelain , kewpie below,  girl in blue is a avon perfume bottle, precious moments baby with pacifier and big eyes 🙂  so beautiful! she is porcelain stringed and rooted hair. I love little dolls they are mini works of art! kewpie dish..porcelain and numbered..signed by rose o’neil.ginny’s umbrella this is a rare find, i never have […]

thrift store shopping from June – I found Roxy Boots, lefton jewelry box, vogue frame everything was under $10

Salvation Army- $4 frozen charlotte made of bisque and plastic boy doll for doll house My thrift store shopping in June didn’t disappoint! I was able to find cheap, quality , vintage, new with tags, and much more.. Out of the closet find- This store had so many cool things it was hard to walk away!!  […]

Collecting Kewpie -4 kewpies

This sitting Kewpie was a find from PCC in the beginning of year, she is a different type of kewpie we are used to seeing but she still very cute…  Dolls from Earlier this year….           70’S Kewpie figurines they are marked norcrest japan and very sentimental side of kewpie with tears, makes you […]

Vogue Dolls I found at Thrift Store For under $5.00 love thrift stores!!

Recently I went to local thrift store and found 2 VINTAGE (1970’S)  VOGUE DOLLS!!   The markings on 1st Doll –  Her head is marked “GINNY” & Upper back part of doll is also marked-  “VOGUE DOLLS 1972 MADE IN HONG KONG 3″ 2nd Doll I found at same store brings a magic lamp on the middle part of her back, […]

tin dollhouse part 2 …kitchen,bedrooms, upper deck Outdoor patio look how cute!

hello how is everyone’s weekend? found any good and unique  vintage items? or antiques??? all you pickers and collectors….what have you found? isnt it exciting? I sure do get a thrill out of finding my one of a kind things… then fixing them or cleaning them, and giving them that second chance to shine:) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! loooooove […]

Tin Dollhouse and Dollhouse Mini furniture

Hello Dearest vintage readers!! Happy Friday!! Well to get us inspired for this weekends treasure hunt at thrift shops, garage sales or flea markets, wherever it is you choose to go………..this is one of my vintage dollhouses, I love this dollhouse it is my favorite at the moment, I love the bright colors and beautiful retro floors […]

vintage doll house furniture images

Lovely Miniature Doll house Furniture are works of art! Some of the vintage or Antiques I have found are so tiny yet they are perfect, they have every tiny detail!! Victorian Doll houses are one of my favorite items to collect, they are full of detail, unique,  Victorian woman were so e Victorian furniture Velvet collection   […]

barbie doll tips- continued….markings on barbie are patents date!

Hello Barbie doll fans and collectors 🙂 The markings on Barbie’s butt are from her patent year!!  not the year that Barbie was made!! Some Barbies will have 1966 marking on lower area, rear end, but that means her patent was from that date. The proper way of knowing when your barbie was made would be the […]

Betty Bonnet Paper Doll, c.1909

Paper Doll From Ladies Home Journal, c.1909 Betty Bonnet Paper-Doll  (scroll down for 2 dresses)   From Ladies Home Journal, a Betty Bonnet Paper Doll, c. 1909 Paper Doll – 1) Click on doll and in new window edit size if need to. 2) Print doll and make sure to resize Dress as well. Related articles Paper […]

Barbie and Emma Fun Perfect pink trip- By Kelly Funes

  Magazine or Book idea   created by  Miss. Kelly Funes 8yr old Kelly my beautiful daughter is in the process of creating her barbie book or magazine and i will show her frames and creative process, Today she shares her barbies posing and different barbie outfits, friends and scenes. This is her mind and creativity process, im amazed 🙂   […]

is there any REAL money in Doll Collecting? Doll Dealing?

If you have love for dolls and truly enjoy learning about dolls then THE TRUE winnings isn’t money .. The WINNINGS are the good times you will have when you play dress up with your child, or when you collect or show off your collection/displays to family friends, even here on blogs, that’s the true collector someone who enjoys […]

Collecting Dolls BARBIE. MADAME ALEXANDER AND GINNY some of the most wanted dolls

Collectible Dolls- BARBIE, MADAME ALEXANDER, GINNY Barbie dolls– A favorite of collectors of all range of ages, from the rookie 5 yr old collectors to the closet collectors (teens) to the stay at home moms that couldnt afford dolls and now as adults find joy in childhood dolls a reality! (me)   Barbie dolls are […]

Kewpie Mania continues..from my collection

  kewpie mania continues….cant help myself !!♥ these kewpies are available for purchase. I try to offer different items on my ebay page, If you dont see the Kewpies simply email and will post if it’s  still available.  To the Right Creator Of Kewpies Rose O’Neil A brief History of Kewpie Creator: Rose O’neil publication: Ladies Home Journal […]

Dolls- Antique dolls vs. New Dolls

  Antique dolls vs. new dolls:   Some antique dolls cost less than or about the same as contemporary  dolls, or more popular in-demand collectibles.       Go over the hairstyle, stitching, and facial expressions.   Some dolls have lovely, carefully painted faces.   Damage: Imperfections such as cracks or holes may lower Price.   If you […]

Type of Materials used for doll making (1st part)

    You will need to know what your doll is made out of, this will give you a better guide to choosing your doll.  The type of material you enjoy the most should be considered…and what looks best in your home,  is it for display or play or for personal or for a child. […]

Doll Terms you need to learn before yard sales, garage sales, flea markets this weekend!

Doll Terms or Words you need to learn before shopping this weekend!!  love dolls??? I DO!  Collectible Dolls: Common Terms or YARD SALE LINGO FOR DOLL BUYERS AND COLLECTORS When buying collectible dolls, be sure YOU GOT THESE down!! Antique dolls: Antique dolls were made prior to 1930.    Collectible dolls: Any doll that you can collect […]

vintage barbie art

Barbie Sings! This came from a salvation army floor!! yes on the floor!! i will put it in a frame! Love these vintage mattel photos. DIY weekend its simple, print and frame. Cheap, fast yet beautiful add for your wall!

Kewpie vintage postcard Jailer Valentine

kewpie is one of my favorite vintage items, anything with kewpie I love! for valentines I love making copies of these rare vintage postcards. This one is really special and I wanted to share on my blog Related articles Kewpie Collectibles ( kewpie ( PCC flea market 01/01/12 (

PAPER DOLL Little Miss. Revlon -Doll Reader 2011

paper doll dress for miss.revlon DOLL READER 2011

Adelette gown, apron, bouquet and sun hat

Adelette is a paper doll from December’s post that included DOLL LIFE 1992 IMAGES. I was going through my paper files and cleaning out clutter when I noticed this is the missing wardrobe change from Adelette paper doll from 1992 Doll’s Life Magazine!! Isnt it elegant and perfect! Okay now your doll is set! ♥ […]

PAPER DOLLS Give Mrs. Claus a change of outfit!!

Loving these cute paper dolls??? I am!! okay gals and gals!!! lol lets cut and color these outfits for Mrs. Claus!

Mrs. Claus Paper Doll!

we cant have SANTA without his lovely better half! here is MRS. CLAUS


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             kewpie collecting:)♥ here is a kewpie candy container ..isnt he adorable? –this kewpie container was made in 1915 and retailed for 38.00 to 45.00 dollars now it’s worth anywhere from 80 to 120 dollars SO WORTH IT!! ISNT IT?                     do you like […]

Santa needs his SUIT!

Hello This Paper Doll Can be Printed and Colored by YOU or by a happy little one! No matter what this is a perfect activity for DEC 25th morning! print a couple, color,cut & hang in Family room or office Another idea is to place these as placemats for next christmas I will show you […]

Paper Dolls- Santa Claus! EDITION

Hello Everyone Paper Dolls ARE BACK and they are here with Christmas Cheer! ho! ho! Ho! Grab your hot cocoa and scissors and letz get cutting out these fun christmas paper dolls! Dont you love the holidays! take time from all the shopping mania and get away from the retail stress and do some good […]

Paper Doll Series Adelette

Hello Today I would Like to Introduce one of my favorite paper doll Artists she makes paper Dolls from 1700 Era and they are just beautiful and the dresses and hats and other accessories she provides are just amazing! This Doll is from a magazine i collect “Doll Life” this issue is from 1994. Artists […]