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new year ? new language! lets learn french!?

The french language is romantic, classy and exciting!  here are some popular french phrases and the pronunciation as well! Practice and it will come naturally with time, the key is practice, don’t give up!   ENGLISH                                  PRONUNCIATION                           FRENCH Do you speak English?            par-lay voo zon-glay                            Parlez-vous anglais? Excuse me/sorry                      ex-koo-zay mwah                                  Excusez-moi Fine thanks and you?              bee-ehn mer-see ay voo?                   […]


     its a magical time of year …. and what better treat than the ballet! One of my favorites, not only for christmas time but of all ballets THE NUTCRACKER is amazing and just the very best in my book! IF your like me and you have to stay at home, and seeing the live ballet […]