Beauty and Skin Tips


Beauty Tips


1) Beauty Sleep- Of course we all know 8 hrs but WHILE YOU SLEEP 8 HRS  TRY TO DO SO ON SOFT PILLOWCASES –HARSH ROUGH PILLOW CASE will cause microscopic (very very very tiny) damage to the skin and this leads to broken blood vessels. This tip i got from wellness guide i downloaded. I will add the link at bottom.

2)Keep make up Fresh- A minimum of 3 months!!! WOW i have brushes and blushes a yr old! Okay girls go to your make up bags and clear out anything over 3 months this is becasue BACTERIA can grow over time and cause nasty skin infections not to mention ACNE.

3) When washing your face make sure you use lukewarm temperature when you starting to wash face, I liek to use cold cream type make up remover like noxema or burts bees facial cleanser, they tingle and leave my skin feeling nice and tight, NOBODY IS PAYING ME, THESE ARE MY TIPS...

When i rinse I use COLD water and what this does it helps pores close, giving your face a beautiful tight look.  When you dry …pat dry gently…gently is key word! anything to do with your face you want to do gently. pat dry and of course make sure towel is clean! so lukewarm first. cold last and pat dry gently.

4) always remove make up before going to bed, no matter how tired you feel make it a point to remove make up

5) try not too pick at your face, the germs bacteria under your nails are not good at all to your sensitive face, you make it worse. just put a warm towel only on area with pimple, only that area, to open up your pore then dab any clay type mask on it overnight, if you dont have much time dab toothpaste, the white regular paste will do. remove when its hardened and that should dry it right up










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