We Need Vitamins for hair, nails, skin….

Vitamin A

Skin: Great for fighting acne, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, and blocking free-radicals

Hair: An anti-oxidant that stimulates scalp oil production — good for dry hair

Nails: Reduces brittleness

Found in: eggs, cantaloupe, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, fortified milk and cereal

B-Complex Vitamins

Skin: Improves skin tone, evenness, and retains moisture

Hair: Prevents hair loss and  helps hair keep vibrant color

Nails: Maintains moisture and thickness, preventing splitting and discoloration

Found in: egg yolks, vegetables, whole-grain cereals, chicken, fish, milk

Vitamin C

Skin: Stimulates tissue growth and boosts skin‘s immunity

Hair: Helps hair  and reduces splitting

Nails: Simulates growth and healthy color

Found in: citrus fruits, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, some green vegetables

Vitamin D

Skin: Can help prevent blemishes

Hair: Keeps hair elastic and prevents thinning

Nails: Strengthens nails; helps body take calcium, better include this!

Found in: Fish, fish oils, some mushrooms, fortified milk, juices and cereals

Vitamin E

Skin: Speeds up healing of damaged skin; fights free radicals

Hair: Stimulates scalp circulation

Nails: Maintains natural strength and moisture

Found in: nuts, leafy greens, dried beans, vegetable oils

okay girls remember you only get one body and its our job to help the aging process slow down!

unless u can afford surgery and Botox, keep these in mind at all times!! ♥


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