haggling at yard sales AND TIPS

What does the word haggling mean? According to an online dictionary this is what it means.. ↓


1.to bargain in a petty, quibbling, and often contentious manner:

2.to wrangle, dispute, or cavil:
verb (used with object)
3.to mangle in cutting; hack.
4.to settle on by haggling.

I  believe like anything you say or do, it’s how you say it that really matters.

If you haggle the right way, there is nothing wrong with it and nothing to do with the definition above. Haggle has become almost yard sale LINGO for Negotiate.

These days the word haggle isn’t something negative … of course keep in mind that haggling should be done with respect for the seller.

Here are some tips to haggle your way into yard sales and score low prices!

1) before the haggle starts-go to break your big bills!! trust me it’s not nice when you haggle your price down to cents off dollars and you pull out a 20 bill or 50 bill or worse a 100 bill! oh my god that is uncomfortable for everyone!! do yourself a favor and get change, pay with single bills!

2) Now that you have single bills Get the seller to give you the PRICE. never offer, always get the buyer to SAY THE ASKING PRICE FIRST. If the items are priced , then instead of saying “can you take $ of the price?” say “Would you consider ?” its a nicer way of haggling…its a great start

            3) If  the price REAlly is to high- OKAY GREEN LIGHT…start the haggling by giving your counter offer.

it’s ok ! everyone tries to get better prices..and its the name of the game! Dont be pushy its offensive and annoying.

 4)don’t get carried away and haggle item down to .50 cents on more than 2items….it’s a waste of time…instead…. try to bundle items. At times you can get cheaper prices if you have a pile of things. Towards the end you can estimate by pieces and say $1 per item or $2 ..depends on what you’re buying. at times things can get as cheap as .25 cents…believe me if you bundle you save.

 5) Bring your own canvas re-usable bags..at times these yard sale hosts aren’t too worried about proper bagging!

they are not thinking of your end of the deal here, they have dirty used market bags with bad smells from food that is last weeks shopping…seriously im not being dramatic, at times they just give you any old bag or box with cobwebs, this is why I carry those re-usable bags or bring my own containers.

6) bring a calculator, notepad and pen! its handy and so needed when you have one of those sellers that just adds up too many items, i call them “add happy”

they just get on a roll and start adding invisible items and your like wow! so to avoid this flip out your calculator along with notepad and pen!   do your own math and round-up if you have too

Yard Sale Northern California May 2005. This i...

haggling at yard sales


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