kids and travel tips

Do your bored-to-tears kids get crazy or IS IT hard to sit THEM down?

when waiting at the DMV or sitting in a restaurant? or at doctors office? maybe just a car ride becoming difficult? It is happening all over the world, parents loosing control and its easier than you think if you just take time to prepare before you head out the door!

Prepare for the outing next time by filling a bag with kid-friendly activity!

  • like pipe cleaners,
  •  Legos,
  • plastic animals or figurines
  • markers,
  • construction paper
  • safety scissors (if you can bring along a lap desk)
  • glue like elmers glue is perfect or glue on stick
  • handy wipes
  • old magazines so they can cut and paste
  • ask them for a project, they love feeling responsibility..ask away you will see the reaction is positive!
  • personal dvd travel sized with headsets
  • erasers, sharpeners, little rulers
  • barbies are my daughters toy of choice she’s busy putting outfits shoes and playing make believe, she has a good time with her barbies, love her:)

try to rotate toys and have snacks on hand, it will make your next outing so much easier and you will be less stressed!


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