arts and crafts time again..continued from cottage cheese containers post

Last Month for arts and crafts time, I started a project for re-using containers , cottage cheese containers!!

Yes these lovely little bins are so easy to decorate and I always have them on hand, I love cottage cheese lol

I decided to never throw them away and find tons of uses for them.

I started painting the cottage cheese containers and showed how these inexpensive containers can be re-used as pencil holders, flower vase, paper clip, bead holders, or for any small supply you want to contain šŸ™‚

List of supplies you will need when decorating your containers:

cottage cheese containers (empty of course!)

clorox wipes to clean container throughly, make sure its clean and all smell of cheese gone!! lol

tape measurer if you will use fabrics or ribbons to decorate


glue gun or fabric glue

paint brushes

acrylic paints (i use these containers as smaller

painters trays!)

acrylic spray, sealer

and… chalk board paint!





what color or design?

Depends what area of the house you will be using them, what you will be putting inside of them,

I use mine to hold my pencils and pens near my work area.

you can add names or images and make this more personal.

Children love personalized items and making these containers together will be a lot of fun.

  1. Ā chalk board paint!

Again chalk board paint, my favorite new tool! love this paint, here iĀ made my container a traveling chalkboard, iĀ can also use this as a container for chalk and eraser for my chalk board, my chalks and eraser will be neatly stored in here.





2)Acrylic paints always make any surface look better, paints are the fastest way of changing the look of anything, and adding color to your containers is simple. just paint 2 to 3 coats and use even strokes, let dry between coats, seal with acrylic spray let dry. apply a second coat of acrylic spray.

and you will have a container for your little items like hair ties, bobby pins, or paper clips.

here is a container half way done, its drying the first coat of paint.



3) gluing fabrics and adding names is another way to decorate. You can put names or words of encouragement or labels. Using them with labels is very practical and allows you to organize.

4) as home office decor and organizing tool they can be labeled depending on item you will store in it. If you use it for scissors or letter opener, or for mail you can label it appropriately.

until next arts and crafts time, xoxo




It isĀ so much fun having arts and crafts time, and until next time xoxo!


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    You made my day. Thanks. A smile can do so much for a person….

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