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Antique Metal Mesh Purse & Vintage beaded purses I wonder what they Carried in these tiny bags??

1st purse is a white beaded purse. From early 1900’s  it’s made of tiny white beads and faux- pearl stones to make the flower pattern on front of purse, the handles and closures are made of metal. Well made and in excellent condition no strings are coming undone or pearls missing, its perfect!! The next picture-Metal mesh […]


FOR fellow beaders or jewelry is a easy way to bead or travel with jewelry!! USE A STRAW!! IF you travel , using straws will help keep your necklaces from getting tangled in suitcase or make up bag, you can cut to customize size for bracelets or necklaces!! Also when beading or fixing a clasp this […]

Vintage Barbie collector cards! print and frame easy DIY decor

a while back i posted vintage barbie art from thrift store ..i found another one!!! here you go enjoy!! bubble cut barbie wearing nautical shirt and blue shorts, cute!

DIY project #2 under 20 minutes & $2.00! decoration for Doorway / Hallway

I found this nice gold toned Purse coat Hook at Goodwill for .50 cents, it was on sale(50% off ) and love that color of the day sale, always ask when you go to goodwill what is “color of the day” depending on the color, look at the tags and they are 50% off, the […]

quick DIY 10 min project for less than $2.00!

before picture – hello this was one of my easiest cheapest DIY projects, took me 10 mins…and cost me less than 2.00!! i went to goodwill and purchased this key holder frame for 1.00 it was 50% off that day, (look for the color of the day sale) and this becomes a more personalized purse/coat […]

Hello kitty & Kewpie Doll vintage wood frames DIY PROJECT for wall decor under $5.00 in less than 5 minutes!

hEllo Kitty vintage wood frame $1.95- in pretty purple  this Vintage hello kitty is a rare version of the sanrio character.  Kelly my 8yr old LOVES HELLO KITTY, and purple is her fav color, this $1.95 buy from thrift store, is smart choice. TIP: To hang on wall use ribbons or lace, it’s a soft GIRLY  touch, ,,,  RE-USE, RE-INVENT, RE-PURPOSE, […]

American Girl Dolls- A MUST HAVE FOR GIRLS 7 TO 11 YRS OLD quality and many more reasons,

Hello how is everyone this Sunday? Wow this month is almost over…and our girls will be returning to school sometime in August. I wanted to talk about our daughters getting good tips and advice! I recommend American Girl – $105 to 115 Reason: This company appeals to age range girls between 7 to maybe 10 or […]

VINTAGE PAPER DOLLS – DIY easy project! home decor in minutes! paperdoll for framing quick cheap and unique!

hello fellow vintage ladies! or fellas! here is a vintage paperdoll couple i found on google 🙂 love her outfits, the green coat and pink ruffle dress are beautiful, auw I wish I had those pieces in my closet!!! lol This is perfect for framing!! or scrapbooking! todays DIY PROJECT is a quick print, cut, glue, […]

finds from thrift store! DIY project $5 chair and .50 cent paint from home depot = fun cheap project

I went to home depot and in the paint section they have returned paint for .cents!!!! i got the mint green paint and painted my chair TOTAL COST $5.50!! THE Chair was $5.00 and returned paint was .50 cents! I grabbed my foam roller and paint brush for smaller sections of chair and started to paint! simple […]

Thrift Store Furniture under $20.00 DIY project-Before & After

Hello Fellow Thrift Store hunters!! Vintage Sewing Table I found at a Salvation Army for $15 dollars    BEFORE PICTURE   Before you start any painting project make sure you have a well ventilated area please!! Protect carpet or floors with plastic or  newspapers work great as well I like to go to home depot and find […]

Arts & Crafts time: DIY returns with chalk board paint for Containers!

Last Chalk board Post I showed my TV dinner tray transformed into a traveling Chalkboard! Since i have been using this tray daily! I take notes, or leave messages or quick Designs I have in mind or ideas, Because If your like me writting ideas down in the moment is the best way to actually come back […]

4 Flea Markets in So. Cal one for each Sunday!! hours plus other info…

Vintage and Antiques collectibles can be found in these 4 lovely places 🙂 this post will be about 3 flea markets that are held once a month and 1 that you can catch every sunday.. items you will find: 2nd hand or As I prefer Previously loved items, reason to go: unique one of a kind items, […]

arts and crafts time again..continued from cottage cheese containers post

Last Month for arts and crafts time, I started a project for re-using containers , cottage cheese containers!! Yes these lovely little bins are so easy to decorate and I always have them on hand, I love cottage cheese lol I decided to never throw them away and find tons of uses for them. I […]

chalk board paint! DIY arts & crafts time has got a New Best Friend!

Today I want to show you a new paint on the market CHALK BOARD PAINT! DIY  arts and crafts will forever be changed thanks to its best new tool! Chalk Board paint – This awesome chalk board paint can transform a boring wall into a castle! Tic TaCToe and other fun games will be easy and fun just […]

arts and crafts time! lets re-use cottage cheese containers, make pretty containers

Hello how is everyone? Ready for Arts and Crafts?? I am!! Here is a quick and easy way to personalize containers that you can find in refrigrator!! Quick Craft and great for storage CLEAN, PAINT, SEAL AND DONE! …easy to paint and re-use as anything u like maybe for beads, for Pocket change, for paper clips, […]

is there any REAL money in Doll Collecting? Doll Dealing?

If you have love for dolls and truly enjoy learning about dolls then THE TRUE winnings isn’t money .. The WINNINGS are the good times you will have when you play dress up with your child, or when you collect or show off your collection/displays to family friends, even here on blogs, that’s the true collector someone who enjoys […]

quick tip- want to avoid necklaces getting tangled???? try this quick tip..

moving??? or spending a weekend far from home? well pack your jewelry easier with this quick tip.. okay here you go………… USE A STRAW!! ISNT THAT SO EASY? YES IF NECKLACE IS THIN LIKE STRAW..THEN PUT NECKLACE THROUGH STRAW …AND VOILA !!! NEAT, ORGANIZED, on the move ….IF YOU WANT TO GET FANCY..USE ANY SIMILAR […]

Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards – print give and be loved

vintage valentine’s day cards- these  darling images are perfect for your vintage sweetie:) print cut and get creative…add these to colorful thick or glossy paper…just cut cards out and glue on another piece of paper..add glitter in the form of a heart♥ if  made with love these are perfect HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY  XOXO

beading basics continues with essential tools for beaders!!

  Flush cutters and super flush cutters: Flush cutters are used for cutting wire. Use to cut flat ends or angled ends on your wire. To cut a flat end, insert the wire into the cutters through the flat side. To get an angled cut on your wire, insert the wire through the concave side of […]

vintage barbie art

Barbie Sings! This came from a salvation army floor!! yes on the floor!! i will put it in a frame! Love these vintage mattel photos. DIY weekend its simple, print and frame. Cheap, fast yet beautiful add for your wall!


Maze-ing Maze 213.

PAPER DOLL Little Miss. Revlon -Doll Reader 2011

beading basics – tipsand tools

Beading tray beading tray-Image of tray is an example, of one i own and use it for laying out my beading projects. Wire or string: beading wire or string- is needed in order to start any beading project. depends on beads beeing used and needles that will determine your gauge in wire or string thickness. Stringing stringing is a technique […]

PAPER DOLLS Give Mrs. Claus a change of outfit!!

Loving these cute paper dolls??? I am!! okay gals and gals!!! lol lets cut and color these outfits for Mrs. Claus!

Mrs. Claus Paper Doll!

we cant have SANTA without his lovely better half! here is MRS. CLAUS

Santa needs his SUIT!

Hello This Paper Doll Can be Printed and Colored by YOU or by a happy little one! No matter what this is a perfect activity for DEC 25th morning! print a couple, color,cut & hang in Family room or office Another idea is to place these as placemats for next christmas I will show you […]

Paper Dolls- Santa Claus! EDITION

Hello Everyone Paper Dolls ARE BACK and they are here with Christmas Cheer! ho! ho! Ho! Grab your hot cocoa and scissors and letz get cutting out these fun christmas paper dolls! Dont you love the holidays! take time from all the shopping mania and get away from the retail stress and do some good […]